Want to find more meaningful ways to connect with the motherly figures in your life this Mother’s Day? Look no further.


A Love That Shapes Us


Biological, adoptive, or surrogate, mothers shape the way we live our lives and view the world. They can teach us our language, our history, and our potential. They connect us to the people around us. Now, we’re exploring the ways we can connect to our mothers and understand them just a little bit better.


A Mother’s Thoughts


Often, the best way to understand someone is to listen to them — to hear their own perspective in their own words. You can do this face-to-face or through writing.


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels




Sitting down and talking to someone about their experiences is severely underrated. There are certain stories and moments you might not be able to hear if you don’t take the time to show interest. Record the stories your mother shares on a recording device or through written notes. That way you’ll be able to share those stories with future generations.




If a spoken interview isn’t an option, try reading some of your mother’s journal entries — with permission, of course. The feelings and vulnerabilities of a person can come through much clearer when they have a place to go. Read the entries of important dates in history and in your family: how did your mother react? What did she feel? How similar is she to you?


The Words She Loved


Not everyone is good at writing down their feelings on a daily, monthly, or even yearly basis; you might not have the words of your mother to read or listen to. If that’s the case, try an alternative: look for the written and spoken words your mother loved. Maybe she loved a certain genre of novel or the words of a critical essayist. Maybe she loved a famous speech or inspiring quotes. Search for those words to read and understand the things your mother valued. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find yourself loving those words too.


Time Spent Together


If you want to get closer to your mother, try to live a bit of her life.



What did your mother love to do when she was younger? What kinds of games does she love to play? Are there certain shows or movies she watches during the day? Does she play any sports? Does she have a love for the arts?


Join your mother during one of her favorite activities to show your love and interest in her life. Even if you’re separated from your mother by time or distance, you can remind yourself of her by being immersed in the hobbies she once enjoyed.


Home Is Where the Food Is


Is there anything that brings a family together quite like delicious food?


Grocery shopping, cooking, and eating are great ways to spend time together — especially if you’re cooking a family-favorite dish. Learn the history behind your mother’s favorite foods, then cook them with her and enjoy the meal together. There are a lot of happy memories made and remembered in the kitchen and around the dinner table, so why not make another one?


Whatever you make, we’d love to hear about it! Do you have a favorite recipe from your mother? Or a meal she prepared for you on special occasions? Feel free to share your experiences, thoughts, or recipes from your mom! (It’s OK if you can’t say what the secret ingredient is).